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25% OFF BELLE TRESS & ESTETICA DESIGNS from 12-23rd Jan. 2023

TOPPERS • All About These Wee Babies

What is a topper ? Who can wear a topper? What type of topper do I need? Why do toppers come in various base sizes? How do they wait on? HELP!!!


So simply put, a "TOPPER," is a partial hair systemthat is worn on the TOP of the scalp, over the top of biological hair - whether for additional hair volume, to hide hair root regrowth between colouring, or for thinning hair. 
Toppers often fasten with pressure sensitive clips, and can really blend so naturally with biological hair. Toppers are available in Synthetic, Heat Safe Synthetic, and Human Hair.


Toppers are often worn for the reasons above - to add volume, to hide thinning hair, or sometimes..... just to hide the hair roots between hair colouring salon visits. 
Jon Renau Toppers are designed for those looking to add volume - whether due to aesthetic wishes/ thinning hair / alopecia / or any other form of medical hair loss. If you have biological hair, a topper maybe of benefit to you!


Which topper to choose is dependent on several factors. The main considerations required:


Normally some things best to think over and jot down some answers for:
- What size of hair thinning / loss area do you have? (Measure front to back and side to side area)
- Have you ever tried a topper before? If so, do you remember brand / style?
- Are you looking for a topper that you can heat style?
- Would you have a preference of human hair / synthetic?
- Is there a specific budget that you have?
- Are you wanting something that requires minimal styling, or something that you can spend time caring for / styling
- Do you have healthy hair around the thin area that is sufficient for supporting the weight of the topper?
- What length of hair are you looking for?
Jon Renau Have Created the following COVERAGE CHART stating the names of their topper styles, and which areas are covered with these styles 


Jon Renau Topper Sizes Chart - Topper Chart - Which Topper - MiMo Wigs UK



-Some toppers are designed for parting hairloss, some for crown- some toppers will benefit frontal hairloss, and some are very much full systems. 
- When deciding upon the base size you require, it is important to know how much area you require to be covered
- When wearing a topper with a pressure sensitive clip fastening, it is important to ensure that the base size covers any areas of thinning or fragile hair, and that the pressure sensitive clips are at a level that is going to allow attachment to HEALTHY hair - not on thinned hair areas, as tension on fine hair can lead to traction / tension alopecia (further hair loss!)


-Stages of hair thinning and loss are often thought of in simple terms such as "Initial Stage" "Mid-Progressive Stage" and "Advanced Stage"
- Choosing the correct topper may seem very confusing initially, but Jon Renau categorise their toppers easily to search by base size and design.
Jon Renau Toppers | UK | MiMo Wigs Topper Chart


- Some toppers are designed with a single monofilamenttop, some have double monofilament, and now we see introduced to the market - the FRENCH TOP; this is a luxurious design, and describes the KNOTTING TECHNIQUE utilised in ventilating the topper (Ventilating = attaching hair to the base).
French Drawn Knotting gives the ultimate natural appearance.
The French Top has two layers of glass silk, with a layer of fine Swiss lace in between where the hair is secured and knotted. It creates an undetectable finish and is something truly special to behold! 
Silk Top Topper - French Drawn Top - French Top Toppers | UK | Jon Renau Wigs at MiMo Wigs


- Synthetic fibres are often easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. This is a huge positive, but for some people - the inability to use heated tools on a standard synthetic makes it less popular than the Heat Defiant Synthetic, and Human Hair options. 
- Heat Defiant synthetic allows heated tools to be used to style / curl and work with the biological hair - this is a popular choice for many. 
- Human Hair Toppers are often more expensive than their synthetic counterparts - this is due to the fact that there is an additional cost to buying premium luxury, ethically sourced hair. Human Hair can be beautiful to work with, but it does require extra time to care and dedicate to your alternative hair. Maintenance is a big requirement and commitment with human hair.
Personally, I do wear human hair, but sometimes - I also wear synthetic for ease. YOUR lifestyle and requirements (and budget) will dictate which hair fibre is best for you! It is a very personal decision - and one with many factors to consider. 
This is really just a quick "whistle stop tour" to cover the very basics in Jon Renau Toppers, and to give a basic understanding and sharing of information to you here. I hope that it has been helpful. 
As always, if you have any wee questions / queries - or if you need some advice, just drop me a mail at
Until Next time,
Keep Sparkling, and be your own beautiful
All my Love,


All Images are Property of Jon Renau, and used with kind permission from their team! Thanks, Jon Renau! You guys rock! x 
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