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30% OFF JON RENAU 20-30th Mar.23

30% OFF JON RENAU 20-30th Mar.23


Inline Shears by Jon Renau • Hairdressing Tools

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The Jon Renau Inline shears are phenomenal for any trained hairdresser / wig stylist. The Japanese Hitachi steel is extremely strong, and less likely to blunt and dull when used on synthetic fibres. 

The Shears are of the highest grade, and MiMo does recommend these for those trained in cutting and styling professionally. MiMo uses these shears and they are extremely comfortable to use when cutting for long periods: the ergonomic and anthopometric design is simply beautiful for comfort, and ease in use.

Japanese Hitachi Steel is ideal for removing length

Includes: Shear, oil pen, ring loop, key, leather wipe