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Offer Runs at MiMo from 11-22 August 2022

Offer Runs at MiMo from 11-22 August 2022

Resize Wig from Average to PETITE

Original price $58.00 - Original price $58.00
Original price
$58.00 - $58.00
Current price $58.00
PLEASE NOTE: if you choose for customisation / resize, the wig is NOT able to be returned, regardless of manufacturer.
All custom services add an additional time to delivery (the timescale well vary dependent upon how many customisations currently being altered)

This is a service to resize your wig from average cap to petite size.
This can be done on any wefted or hand tied wig. Your wig cap MUST be in good condition and not torn or damaged.
Hand tied:  none of your wig is removed or cut out, so this service is also reversible, and you can have the wig taken back out to average (eg. if you have lost your hair to chemotherapy or treatment, but will want to use the wig in average size if hair regrows.... or if your head size changes)
Wefted: unless specified, we will normally remove additional wefts and resize to petite. We do this in a specific way which allows the cap shape to be maintained and does not just shorten the front to back. If you prefer wefted to be altered without removal of materials..... please specify.
Please ensure that you include your own name and address with the wig when posting
The price includes the cost of returning your wig to you.


  • If a cap description does not state that there is a monofilament top to the wig - this means that the wig will have permatease on the top area. Permatease is a lot of short hair added to create volume. This is not a defect, and can look almost like multiple little short spikey hair. This is the reason that the wigs are cheaper.... they are not hand made on top but machine made.
  • If you want a NATURAL TOP / parting appearance please order a wig with a monofilament top or parting. We can always advise BEFORE purchase. Unless otherwise stated, it is to be expected that any cap that is not a monofilament top will have permatease.
  • Please also note that there may me slight variation in colour with hand made wigs, and that on occasion colour plavcement may be slightly variable.
  • Colour swatches shown are provided by manufacturers. However, please note that they can appear differently on CPU / computer / phone screens dependent on lighting. If you need advice before purchase, you can Contact Us Here