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30% OFF JON RENAU 20-30th Mar.23




Jon Renau Smartlace Human Hair California Blonde

Jon Renau Smartlace Human Hair California Blonde | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss and wig expert

Petite Cap: Carrie, Blake
Average Cap: Angie, Blake, Carrie, Gwyneth, Jennifer, Kim, Margot,  Sienna

Hey gorgeous!

Soooooooo, many of us are still playing catch up and awaiting the gorgeous styles in synthetic hair that we love from JON RENAU, with these exciting new blonde shades that just took over the wiggy world in 2018!
2018 I felt was certainly an exciting time for us wig sisters....... so many new styles, so many new shades........ and Jon Renau have taken this to a whole new level by introducing CALIFORNIA BLONDE shades to their human hair collection! 
I always swore that "I will never be a blonde!" as it just did not suit me.......I realise now that ANYONE and EVERYONE can be blonde - and have something that is extremely complimentary to them..... it is about the tones and shades to suit your skin...... whether you are a pale princess, or a gorgeous stunning deep coloured beauty - blonde can work on you!
This to me is SUPER exciting, as I know that Jon Renau test and trial so many products for a prolonged time before we often see them hit the market - this is to ensure the quality and integrity of their product. 
Blonde shades require a high lift, as the hair is Indian and Chinese in origin, and the hair is naturally highly pigmented (AKA Black / Off black / Darkest Brown) when it is received
Blondes require a high lifting process to achieve these beautiful shades. In someone with their own biological hair, the hair can become dry and in time it recovers. With ALTERNATIVE HAIR, there is no follicle to feed nutrients via the cortex and medulla to nourish the hair, and so it is vital that hair is carefully processed in order that it is "fit for purpose"
Although I do not know the exact methods each company use, I do know that the process is a slow lift to ensure maximum integrity in the hair fibre with the Jon Renau brand. 
The amazing team at Jon Renau Product Development are constantly working behind the scenes to bring to us new and exciting products. There is no compromise in quality, and I truly believe that it is ALWAYS WORTH THE WAIT, and personally, I feel that as a wig wearer and someone who spends a lot of money on hair - I will not be let down with this brand.
I trust that if they release a more vibrant and highly lifted blonde in human hair - it will have the same quality as I have come to know from their other shades of blonde. 
Lisa Minervini is head product development at Jon Renau, and she is so passionate about listening to us who wear hair. Lisa and her amazing team work incredulously to bring to us the best quality at the most affordable pricing possible. Thank you to all who bring to us these phenomenal products. 
Jon Renau California Blonde Human Hair | UK | MiMo Wigs the Hairloss and Wig Expert
A quick summary of the 4 CALIFORNIA BLONDE SHADES as a wee reminder. 

So  MALIBU Blonde is a blend of Pale Natural Gold Blonde, Light Natural Gold Blonde, and light Gold Brown with a rooted Gold Brown shade.
It is like your natural hair is a golden blonde / brown with vibrant and beautiful highlights. Here are some of the new gorgeous styles that are available in the smart lace human hair Malibu Blonde:
Angie, Kim, and Carrie- just WOW! 
Angie by Jon Renau - MALIBU BLONDE - 12FS12  | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss expert - JON RENAU WIGSJON RENAU WIGS - Kim Wig by Jon Renau | UK | Jon Renau Kim Malibu Blonde at MiMo Wigs - the hairloss expertJON RENAU WIGS - Carrie by Jon Renau - Malibu Blonde - 12FS12 | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss expert
Palm Springs Blonde Human Hair by Jon Renau at MiMo wigs the hairloss expert 
This, to me, is my blonde! So enough Michelle, lets get the description here - Palm Springs is a blend of Light Ash Blonde with Pure White Natural Violet, finished with THE MOST GORGEOUS Dark Natural Ash Blonde Rooting. This..... this is my most favourite blonde of all time! 
Let's take a sneaky peak at the Palm Springs - some of the Smartlace human hair styles in this gorgeous shade! We have the long and luscious BLAKE, and the shorter stunning Carrie (petite shown here) - just wooweeeeeeeeee!
Blake by Jon Renau - Palm Springs blonde - MiMo Wigs Carrie Petite - Palm Springs blonde Human Hair |UK | MiMo wigs the hairloss expertCarrie Petite - Palm Springs blonde Human Hair |UK | MiMo wigs the hairloss expert
Jon Renau Laguna Blonde Human Hair | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss expert
Laguna Blonde has the warmth of shade 24 and is a natural shade with roots and real amazing beauty!
So Laguna Blonde is described as a blend of Light Gold Brown and Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, with a medium brown root. This is just too exciting for those of you who love that amazing warm toned but super light and bright blonde and are looking for a root that is natural and not too extremely dark
Let's sneak a peek at the Luscious Long Blake (Petite Cap) and the beautiful mid length Margot
Jon Renau Venice Blonde Human Hair | UK | MiMo The hairloss wig expertVenice Blonde is the one that I would describe as a neutral blonde with roots and is more of a blend than with bright highlights  - Jon Renau Describe this shade as a blend of Light Ash Blonde with Light Natural Blonde, and it is rooted with a Medium Brown Root! I beliece that this shade is universally flattering whether you are deep or pale complected, and whether you are pink, olive, or yellow undertoned sking. Let's take a look at Gwyneth, Jennifer and Sienna in this adorable shade - EXCITEMENT! x

 Gwyneth by Jon Renau Venice Blonde- 22F18s8 - Smartlace human hair California blonde | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss expertSIENNA BY JON RENAU - VENICE BLONDE | UK | MIMO WIGS THE HAIRLOSS EXPERT

SOOOOO My gorgeous girlies! How excited are you for this amazing new launch? If you are ANYTHING like me, then I know you are likely jumping up and down like a wee jelly bean and super dooper excited to see these gorgeous colours on everyone! 
Remember with the Blonde Human Hair lighter shades, you WILL have to do a DEEP CONDITION more frequently, and it is VITAL that you use good quality CARE PRODUCTS for your alternative hair. 

I personally, professionally, and ethically feel that I MUST MUST MUST make you guys aware that Jon Renau haircare products are PHENOMENAL! No matter what brand of Human Hair wig I wear, I ALWAYS follow the Jon Renau guidance with their ARGAN RANGE
We also have a protein repair restorative balm available as of 2019, and this is a wise investment for he blonde shades. 
The hair does not actually oxidse, but rather the tones added begin to fade in time...... the Jon Renau Repair balm prevents UV damage and colour fade, and prolongs the life of you colour.
HOWEVER please do remember that as dark shades naturally are lifted - they become very warm, and the toners are what make the cooler shades. 
If you are investing in the Palm Springs blonde or Venice Blonde especially, check out the Jon Renau IN TONE VIOLET SHAMPOO for your human hair to reduce the yellow and brassy tones! 

Be wary - this stuff is potent! 

I will attach a video of my toning my KIM wig win 22/16s8 to a super pale ashen tone for you guys - It was such an easy method - another bug thanks to Jon Renau! 
Thanks guys for reading this, and I hope you are all going to have a wonderful 2019 ahead of you x 
Can I just mention here a wee extra special thanks to all at Jon Renau for being so wonderful, so innovative, and so passionate to help us with hairloss. I am blown way by the incredible works you do!
John, Stella, Melissa, Lisa, Diana, Emily, Daniela - you are all phenomenal! Sarina, Sam, Jasmine, Andrea, Briana, Jodie, Gina, Carla,  Louis, Carson, Sabrina and EVERYONE in the team.......EVERYONE.............
.I really do love you all so much and appreciate all the work that you do for us! thanks team! you are all amaaaazing! x 


Until next time guys, I shall vanish for a little
Muchos Hugs,

(AKA MiMo))


Jon Renau Smartlace Human Hair California Blonde | UK | MiMo Wigs the hairloss and wig expert

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