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30% OFF JON RENAU 20-30th Mar.23

30% OFF JON RENAU 20-30th Mar.23


Emmy Express Turban by House of Christinie • Viva Collection

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The perfect GRAB AND GO choice for the fall season!
The Emmy Turban is, with its loose headband, a classic turban. It's a smart cotton-viscose turban that can be styled with a slight teardrop effect or with a tight fit - you choose. The loose twisted headband gives the turban a fashionable lift.

This baggy base is made in a thick but soft knitted fabric in a classic beige colour. The loose headband has a wavy texture on one side and a cute but raw lace fabric on the other. The lace consists of small hearts and is a perfect combination for the classic back.

Add the headband to a bamboo turban, perhaps the paisley print one from Christine, and mix it with wigs too.

- Soft cotton-viscose quality
- Smart turban with drop shape effect
- With loose headband
- Smart black and white printed border on headband